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Independant  Fair Market Business Valuations




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Get Started Now. Do You Need To:

Get a Fair Market Valuation For Sale

Overpricing your business can result in financiers withholding funding to Buyers and underpricing leaves your money on the table. 

An accurate Independent 3rd Party Fair Market Valuation, supported by solid facts, can reduce your stress levels considerably,  Buyer uncertainty and facilitate a smooth, hassle-free transition to a happy new owner.

Need An Expert Witness Report

Our Valuation reports are Independent ‘Certified’ 3rd Party reports supported by hard evidence - not conjecture.

They comply with International & Australian  Accounting Standards and have been accepted as Expert Witness reports in the Federal Family & Circuit Courts and will be defended in Court if necessary.

Lobby Investors for Funding

Investors want to know what the business may be worth in the current market. They want facts to support the conclusion that can be verified.

Our Independent 3rd Party Certified Fair Market Value Reports give them the facts which can be defended in Court if required giving your investors security and comfort.

Get a Fair Market Valuation for Divorce

A Market Valuation assesses the value that an independent unrelated 3rd party would pay based on local risk and market factors at a point in time. 

Company Share Valuations assess the per share value based on risk when compared with Large Public Companies using ASX and National Economy data to determine  Value. 

We say, compare Apples with Apples!

Get A Fair Market Purchase Price

Don’t pay too much and be left out of pocket. Knowing what a ‘prudent’ investor would pay before you make an offer can save you years of remorse and regret.

Don’t miss the hidden risks that can determine the asking price. No seller is going to tell you that you are paying too much!

Get a Valuation for Litigation

When Push gets to Shove, you need an Independent Certified Fair Market Calculation to make your case - one that is based on verifiable facts, not poor conjecture full of assumptions.

Our Independent 3ed Party Reports are Certified and have been accepted as Expert Witness Reports in Australian Courts..

Dissolve a Business Partnership

For SME Valuations we don’t ‘low ball’ the business value by valuing the shares of the company to a vested interest or use large public company metrics to assess 'business risk'.

We do value what the open market will pay for the business eliminating any ‘bad blood’ over what it's really worth, enabling all partners to go their own ways in good faith as good friends.

Execute a Management Buy-Out Strategy

Before you can determine a fair 'price' you will need an Independent 3rd Party Fair Market Valuation as a benchmark for negotiations and to support any borrowings from Investors or financiers.

Investors and Financiers will need an acceptable return on investment so the Valuation must be factual.

Valuations for Start-Ups or Early Stage

Valuations for Start Ups & Early Stage Enterprises are different from evidence based Valuations and provide a 'range concept' in terms of value. Based on research surrounding the existing market and using statistical modelling techniques, a logical conclusion as to 'value'  can be made. Typically this is expressed as a range of Certified values based on the modelling presented in the report

Why You Should Engage Us To Complete Your Valuation Report

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