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"We Respect our Core Values above all others"
Paul Nielsen, Managing Director.

There are many organisations that provide valuation-related services purely as an add-on service to their clients, thus they cannon be considered as Independent 3rd Party Market Valuation Experts. 


  • Our 'Fair Market Value' reports are 'Certified' Independent 3rd Party reports and comply with the USPAP International Standard - we are not advocates for any party, only for the report, ensuring your report is not 'biased' to support any particular parties position.

  • We are not Accountants and our Company is not owned by, nor is it part of, an Accounting Company or Group.  We do not value  SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) private companies by the value of the companies shares as Accountants do. Called 'Fair Value' this method is done in the same way accountants would value large public companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).                                                                                                                             

  • In addition to Valuing businesses, our 'Fair Market Valuation' Experts are 'in the market' and have been selling  SME businesses for over a decade.  Knowing what cycle the SME marketplace is in at any one time (Buyers Market VS Sellers Market) and what similar comparable businesses are selling for is a critical consideration for valuation accuracy and defense if the Report is challenged in court.                                                                                                            

  • Our Company is not part of an Insurance Company or Auction house and we do not belong to any Bank or Finance Institution Valuation Panel so we are not compromised by any institution's standard policies,  procedures, or risk/return ratios. 

  • Our Reports are 'court ready' - Certification requires that reports have tangible evidence to support the conclusions and be able to defend those conclusions in a court of law which we are happy to do if required.

  • Our 'Risk Analysis' of all businesses incorporated a review of 21 Critical areas of  SME business operations that can affect the security and revenue stream of the client's business in the specific market sector that the subject business operates in - this ensures we are comparing 'apples with apples'. 

  • Our 'Risk Analysis' does not leverage risk factors that apply to large publicly listed companies or conditions that relate to the economy of the country as a whole - different states have different economic outlooks, as do different industries within these states. This ensures the risk profile is "fit for purpose" and relates to the client's business, in its specific market sector rather than the whole countries economy conditions at a point in time.

  • Our fees are fixed at the time of engagement and the timeframe for completion and delivery of our report is specified within our Engagement Agreement.

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